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Kentucky Boards of Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Pedorthics

Board of Prosthetics, Orthotics and Pedorthics
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 319B.010 Definitions for chapter.
KRS 319B.020 Kentucky Board of Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Pedorthics -- Membership -- Appointment -- Terms -- Meetings and quorum -- Limitation of liability -- Expenses.
KRS 319B.030 Powers and duties of board -- Administrative regulations -- Licensure and exemptions from licensure -- Examinations -- Fees -- Continuing education -- Enforcement -- Evaluation of applicants.
KRS 319B.040 Powers permitted to board -- Administrative regulations and services -- Disciplinary powers and procedures -- Retired or inactive licensure status -- Evaluation of applicants.
KRS 319B.050 Contents of license -- Display -- Application for replacement -- Name change.
KRS 319B.060 Licensure for practice of professions governed by KRS Chapter 319B -- "Grandfather" provisions for licensure.
KRS 319B.070 Licensee to provide care or services only upon order from licensed health care practitioner, physician, or advanced practice registered nurse.
KRS 319B.080 Licensee's scope of practice -- Written prescription required.
KRS 319B.090 Licensed health care practitioners and other professions not to be limited or restricted by KRS Chapter 319B.
KRS 319B.100 Persons to whom KRS Chapter 319B does not apply.
KRS 319B.110 License required.
KRS 319B.120 Renewal, expiration, suspension, and revocation of licenses -- Fees and penalties -- Trust and agency fund.
KRS 319B.130 Reciprocal licensure.
KRS 319B.140 Penalty for unprofessional conduct.
KRS 319B.150 Penalties for practice in violation of KRS Chapter 319B.